ZenGun™ Features


The Ultimate Solution for Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

ZenGun comes with a large rechargeable 2500mAh battery that will keep you going for up to 5 hours, which is more than enough time to give you multiple full-body massages on a single charge.

A strong motor on a massage gun is essential because it allows the percussion to penetrate deep into the muscle, making the massage much more effective. This is why ZenGun has a high-performance motor with a stroke amplitude of 14mm.

ZenGun has 30-speed levels that can be adjusted up to 3500 RPM. It is beneficial to have several speed levels for a more personalized experience, letting you to adjust pressure and speed to fit your needs.

ZenGun comes in a portable and secure bag that will keep the gun clean and in good condition. It will also have 6 replaceable massage heads, allowing you to take your preferred massage arrangement with you wherever life takes you.

ZenGuns high definition LCD touch screen gives you greater control and allows you to simply adjust the vibration of your massager with a simple touch of your finger.

ZenGuns double-bearing transmission provides a powerful yet quiet experience, which is critical if you want to massage when the moment is right without disturbing others.


Ultra Fast and Powerful: With 30 different speed settings, the Zengun Massage Gun is the most powerful and fastest massage gun on the market.

Long Battery Life: With impressive battery life, the Zengun Massage gun has over 3 hours of continuous use.

Lightweight: Ergonomic, modern design and easy to operate.

Zengun massage gun by zengun.shop

Fast, Powerful & Reliable Massage Gun

ZenGun™ Massage Gun is faster, easier and more comfortable than traditional massage guns. It’s designed for both professional and personal use.

The Most Powerful & Fastest Massage Gun On The Planet

ZenGun Massage Gun is a new generation of handheld massage device. It’s faster, more powerful than tradional massage guns. You can adjust the speed by touching the screen, and it comes with 30 different speed level options to ensure you are getting the best treatment. The LED touch display also shows your battery life and other information while you use it.

30 Massage Speeds - Quickly Reach Deep Tissue and Trigger Points

ZenGun™ is the world’s first and only massage gun that gives you the power to choose your own speed and pressure when giving a massage. By using the LED touch display, you can choose from 30 different speeds and control the pressure with precision for an enjoyable deep tissue massage.

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