Heal injuries

ZenGun’s high-performance motor allows deeper penetration with the percussion going 14mm deep into the muscle creating blood flow. With increased blood flow, more oxygen and nutrients get to the soft tissues and organs which improves the body’s ability to heal. This increased circulation helps reduce swelling in joints and improves flexibility in sore muscles.

Relieve stress anywhere, anytime​

When you purchase ZenGun it will come in a portable bag containing 6 interchangeable massage heads allowing you to get a quick massage when you are in need of some stress relief whether you are at home or traveling.

Massages are a great way to lower stress levels in the body and mind to make you feel more relaxed. It reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure, and cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is released when we’re stressed or anxious, it can cause many health problems if left unchecked for too long. Massages also help to increase blood flow throughout the body, which promotes relaxation and mental clarity.

A massage can help you get over jet lag and ease away the tension that comes with traveling. Making ZenGun the perfect tool due to its high battery capacity of 2500mAh allowing you to use it for over 5+ hours in one charge!

Get better sleep using Zengun massage gun before bedtime

Get Better Sleep

A massage can be a great way to relax before bed. It’s important to take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, and a massage would do the job. Massages help the body release serotonin which helps with relaxation so that you are able to fall asleep easily. The benefits of massages are not just physical but also mental – it relieves stress and anxiety. Massage is the way to go if your mind is always racing or too busy thinking about things that keep you up at night.

ZenGuns double bearing transmission brings a high power and low noise experience so you can have your relaxing night massage without disturbing anyone. It is the perfect way to end a long day or start your next one off right.

Releases Endorphins To Make You Feel Happy

Massages are a great way to release endorphins, which are the chemicals in your body that make you feel happy and relaxed.

Release your body’s happy hormone with a tap of your fingertip on ZenGuns high definition LCD touch screen to start a beautiful massage therapy. Endorphins have many benefits, including reducing the perception of pain, boosting moods, and promoting feelings of euphoria, and calmness.

Improve Your Immune System.​

ZenGun is a product designed for those looking to improve their health and wellness. With 30 different massage speeds to choose from, you will find the right speed and pressure to fill your needs. Massages have been proven to lower cortisol levels which leads to an improved immune system.

Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down tissue and suppresses the immune system. lowering these levels means higher immunity. Massages also increase blood flow to all parts of your body, including your lymph nodes, which are important for fighting off infections.